These renders illustrate the original design concept behind Mod Pods.
The parts are made of Fiber Re-enforced Polymer layup. Very similar to boat hull construction,
with the exception that the walls have an inner corrugated layer for greater strength.
FRP constructions are also used for architectural facades.
These use aerodynamic design principles to produce structures capable of withstanding hurricane
force winds and were inspired by the destruction caused during the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season. 

Core ArchesCore Pod WallCore Roof QuarterEntry Core AssyJoin Wall Assy 1Join Wall Assy 2Outer LayupOuter Layup 1Outer Layup 2Roof to Wall JointRoof Wall Assy 1Roof to Wall Assy 2Roof to Wall Assy 3Roof to Wall Assy 4Utility Core Assy 1Utility Core Assy 2