Toy List

SM Art Studio consists of a Tabouret, Portrait Easel, Portrait Chair and a Table.
There are rigged and un-rigged versions of the Tabouret.
The Character version is stocked with supplies including Paint Tubes, Brushes, Cans, Boxes and Towels.
The supplies are included as seperate props as well.

Celtic Band is a set of instruments used in celtic and other folk music. It consists of a Bohdran and Tipper, Button Accordian, Celtic Flute, Middle Fiddle (Viola), and Welsh  Mandolin.

Corporal Hydra is a fantasy Motorcycle with armaments and Nuclear Steam Power engine. It is fully articulated and includes poses for James and V4.

SM_Dinky Domicile is a House for a Mouse and his mouse friends.
It is scaled for a small figure equivalent to 6 - 7 real world inches tall.

Early Celtic Music consists of two instruments. A Pibgorn and Clairseache, which are known in modern English as Hornpipe and Lap Harp respectively. There are poses included for M4 (pibgorn) and V4 (clairseache). There is a stand included for the Lap Harp, which was an authentic accessory for lady harpers.

Framed Mosaic is a Decor prop that has tiles which are mapped for an 8 wide by 5 high proportioned image