Toy List

The Gift Flask represents an item of cultural significance to Celtic tribes. Items of this type were also used for medicinal purposes and sometimes had mythical properties associated with them.

The Hospitality set includes a Wineglass that emulates the famous Beilby design, a silver Ashtray with Pipe Cleaner in the shape of a canoe and oar, a silver Beaker, and a Smoking Set that consists of a Tabaco Jar, Tray, and Clay Pipe.

SM_Hurdy Gurdy is a model of a stringed folk instrument that is played by turning a crank which rotates a wheel that rubs against the strings to produce sound. It has drone strings and melody strings. A melody is played by pressing in the black and white keys. It was a popular instrument during the Renaissance.

There is an additional set of Renaissance theme materials for Studio Martillo's Hurdy Gurdy

Jazz Bass is a full size Concert Double Bass and includes poses for M4.

Jazz Bistro is an architectural prop designed as a place to gather and listen to the Jazz Trio. It includes a Bar, Barstools, Tables and Chairs and a Stage. It also includes special designed lighting for the stage and overhead light fixtures.

Jazz Bistro BarStock includes bottles and glasses, individually and as a pre-built collection for the Jazz Bistro Bar.