Toy List

Jazz Kit is a drumkit which includes, as characters, Bass Drum with mounted Toms, Snare Drum, Trapset, Floor Tom, Drum Throne, Ride Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Splash Cymbal and China Cymbal.
Included as props are Drumsticks, Brushes, and a Floorpad.

Jazz Piano is a concert grand piano designed as a character with poseable lids and keyboard keys.

ModPods are modular Pod Houses that are assembled from quarter wall sections, floors and roofs. Scripts are provided to make setting up the houses fun and easy.
Scripts are also provided to shade all of the components in a common theme. The individual materials are also available in the library.
A ModPods tutorial is included in HTML format to demonstrate how the scripts are used and to give an example of assembling a Pod House.

ModPods Bed_Bath is a collection of props for creating a Bedroom and Bathroom for Studio Martillo's ModPods.

ModPods Kitchen Dining is a set of props including a Pantry, Oven, Kitchen Basin, Food Counter, Kitchen Workbench, Waterheater, Buffet Table, Dining Table, Dining Chair, Dinette Table and Dinette Chair. All of these are design for Studio Martillo's ModPods to create a kitchen and dining room.

ModPods Living Den is a set of props designed to create a living room and den with Studio Martillo's ModPods.
It includes a Bench Cabinet, High Cabinet, Low Cabinet, Chair, Coffee Table, Hutch, Ocassional Table and Sofa.