Toy List

SM Jazz Guitar Set includes a semi-hollow body electric 6 string guitar, a guitar stand, and a guitar amp.
There are two material sets for the guitar and the amp. Red and Blonde for the guitar, Black and Blonde for the amp.

SM_Jazz_Trumpet is a model of a Bb trumpet.

Shoulder Cam is a Poser Prop that contains a Poser Scene Dolly camera.
It includes a Pose for M4 and when parented to the character the camera views the scene where the character points the camera.

SM ValveNut Headset is a fantasy audio communicator set for Hi Fi valve nut audiophiles.

Transpho Stellacator is a Transphotonic Interstellar Communicator consisting of; Communicator Desk, Chair, Transphotor Assy, Galactic Transit, Book of the Galaxy and Book of Alien Lingua.

Writing Desk is a fantasy prop with an historical celtic theme. It includes a book that opens, a set of shelved books, letterbox, sealing kit, inkwell, penholder, pen, writing paper and oval woodbox.